Sharing Array Variable(classic asp)

Hi to anybody,

I have two main questions with me now.

1st- I do not know how to store 1 dimensional array into session in vbscript?
2nd - I could not find ways of sharing variable in both VBSCRIPT and ASP code in my classic ASP… anyone knows how?

Reason is because i have 2 pages, where all my functions in 1st page are in vbscripts, where my results in array are stored.
What i need to solve is to be able to retrieve the array result in the 2nd page from 1st page and do some displaying and calculation, and then in the ASP Code <%…%> to read the result and update the database accordingly.

If anyone would like to understand my situation more clearly, i can provide my codes and explain further cuz i believe it’ll take quite a while to explain the whole scenario:cool:.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: