Shifting images

Hello Kirupa,

Thank you for your excellent book. It helped me raise my first website, a modest, three-page experiment. I have your site listed on my links page. I hope that’s okay. You can visit at

However, it is with the website that I am having a problem. On both the Frontpage web on my hard drive and when I visit my site on the web, the images, two jpeg files in the image folder, shift to the right when the main window is shrunk (as when opening the folder list in Frontpage or opening favorites in Explorer). However, this only happens with two of the three pages—homepage (index.html) and links (links.html). The email page (email.html) works properly—the image holds its position in relation to the other page elements.

I don’t know what I did different with the email page, but I need help figuring it out. Thanks in advance to you or anyone willing to try.


Hey congajim,
Glad you liked the book. The problem is that some of your images are stored in tables while some of your images are positioned absolutely. For example, in the pages in your site, a few images were wrapping over the text.

When the browser is resized, all the contents in your tables are also resized to accomodate the new size of your Web page. Normally, that does not adversely affect image placement unless you position the images using the Position window. There are two ways you can fix that issue:

1.) Place the absolutely positioned images in a table so they resize with the table.

2.) Set your table’s width to a specific pixel width instead of a percentage. I do not recommend this though because users on a smaller monitor or resolution may have to scroll horizontally to read the text.

I hope that helps. If you any further questions, don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa :rambo: