Shinning & replay

hi all, wat should i write for the as to recount the number of btn have been clicked??cos this is used in a replay btn. i have btn for user to click n count how many time the btn have been clicked n show out the match image, so now another btn (replay)to let the user to see again the image so what should i write in the replay btn’s as to let the count of the times of btn have been clicked start . cos what i done now it can’t start to count again it just plus the number i have clicked for the btn.

Let’s say if the image just only have 3 so tat when i finish clicked 3 times all the image ady showed n now i click the replay btn but wat i get is wrong cos in the output box it still counting the number i have been click for the btn so it show 4,5,… it can’t start count again.

anyone who know pls tell me .