Shooting game With Friendlies & Enemies

I found a simple shooting game where smiley faces come out from the right and the bullseye cursor will shoot them with a mouse click.

All that is great, except I have no idea how to insert good guys.

I have changed it so it now produces yellow smiley faces and red smiley faces. The original yellow ones still explode when you shoot them, but not the red ones. I have duplicated all the code in all places.

I don’t want someone to pick apart the code and tell me what’s wrong, though that could be a last resort. What I am really looking for is a tutorial about a shooting game that has GGs and BGs in it. All the tutorials I have found are just the “shoot everything” style.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I have already used the site and it’s not so friendly sister site, but no luck.