Shooting Ideas Needed

I need help with the shooting section of my file. I was looking through old files and came across my old army shooting flash and figured I would work on it to make it look better. So the first thing I tried fixing was the movement and location of shooting. The way its set up, when the mouse is pressed, it creates the bullet mc at the main char mc’s x and y location. The problem with this is it comes out from the middle direct center of the main char mc. Not the gun area. So I moved the gun down there, and the movement is not as smooth now. Tried many things and to no prevail. Any help will be great.
The first swf is the better shooting, but bad movement. When you turn, the character rotates odly, and is not centered. The second swf is opposite.
Btw, I changed the character to a more cartoonish look for those who have seen my old file.