I know this is possible, but what I’m wondering is if anyone has actually been able to create a player in flash to connect to a shoutcast server and stream music without problems… Has anyone seen this done yet?

Please help!


um i havn’'t done it personaly but it should be pretty easy…
just use MX’s ability to load mp3s and yeah u can play them like that…

Ok, maybe I should be more clear with what I want to do here… I want flash to “connect” to my shoutcast server ( and stream it from within flash. What I’ll end up doing is making buttons for play and stop and what not later on, but for now I would just like to figure out how to actually get the movie to connect to the server to play the streaming audio.

Any ideas?


well i tried it out and it worked…u just can use a .pls file you need a mp3 stream to conect to… .pls files only tell the music players like winamp where to go for playing the sound…u have to bypass this bit fo it to work with flash

ok… not that exactly understand. If you got it working could you explain to me what you did to get it working? And did you use a pls from an online source? or locally? help! :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to figure this out for days now… argh


I’ve attached a file that will load and stream a sound from’s trance stream… the stop and play buttons dont work very well…the just change the volume…but yeah this is the basic thing…if ur server changes a lot u would need to have it load a variable that tells it where to conect to…thats basicaly what the pls file is doing any way

Ok heres the file…hope it helps

Oh and to ajust the volume use the two volume adjusters… hehe :slight_smile:

No i didn’t use the pls file i just went inside it and got the location of the mp3 then i did a loadSound on that…works any way…and yeah u cant use a .pls i made a mistake up there…hehe

Maybe try a php script that updates like a text file…then use load vars to get the location

U should be able to see the location of the mp3 if u just open the .pls in notepad :slight_smile:

Ok cya l8r :slight_smile:


you have been so helpful and I really appreciate it. what you suggested does work exactly as i want it to. except for one catch. I was able to use my own shoutcast server and everything. when i tested the movie it worked! but here’s the thing, when i publish the movie and view in a web browser… it doesnt work. i tried using the internet ip, tried, and even the internal address. but it will not play after its been published. after looking around a few other forums I’ve noticed other people have had this same issue with no resolution. I hate to ask again, but any ideas?

Thanks again,


No sorry but i’ll look into it… :slight_smile:
I think its because the flash 6 plugin is different to the player…so yeah it doesn’t work…

ive been able to get mine to play as a swf…just not in a browser…i think its because the plugin and player are different…oh well :slight_smile:

That’s not the answer I was looking for… does anyone else have any insight? Or Bezzer, do you think for sure that this is just not possible at this time?