Show/Hide MC holding text field

Hey all,

I’ve asked this question before with no luck, mainly due to me not being able to fully explain myself.

I have a mc that holds a text field. The mc’s default alpha is 0, on the click of a button I want the mc to show the text field. The problem, the text is still visible, regardless of the master mc’s alpha, and the button doesn’t swap the visibility back. (This doesn’t work because Im not sure how to do it.)

I have posted an example of what I am talking about here.

When the page initially loads, you see the floating text there with the button. When you hit the button the mc’s alpha changes to 100 and allows you to see the text field borders. I have the below code associated with the transcript button.

on (press) {
if (“oTransContainer”,_alpha, “0”) {
setProperty(“oTransContainer”, _alpha, “100”);

I also posted the fla file in the same directory in case I am not being clear enough. Essentially I am not understanding, a. Why the text is showing but not the field (I want nothing to show until the transcript button is hit). and b. How do i make the same button reverse the process?

I appreciate any help.