Showing Pictures


Here’s my problem:

In the main swf (index.swf), there are thumbnails of pictures. When user rollovers a thumbnail, it should open the movie (pictures.swf) where I show the enlarged pictures.

Does anybody have tutorial for this or any sample flash I could get to solve my problem?


What it sounds like your trying to do is similar to what I’m working on here: I have the actual galleries in separate swf files that will launch in a pop up (as soon as I get them to work) when the user clicks on a thumbnail.

For you, convert each thumbnail to a button.

With the button selected right-click and select actions

Using the simple mode, double-click get-url and change the setting from ‘on release’ to ‘on rollover’, for the url set it to the url of your gallery movie (make sure you have the swf in an htm or html file already)

That should work. To actually change the swf to the new gallery, I dont know, people here probably do though.

do you want it to open a new window? or to load pictures.swf inside your movie?

I just want to open all pictures to one targeted external swf file (pictures.swf).

Can you help me?


I saw the link. It’s like that but the targeted movie is floating (fake new window)

Did you do it that way?