showMenu=false makes projecter window wrong size

I want to create a projector that doesnt have the flash menu bar at the top that says file, view, control, help. I mainly just want to turn off the control part of this menu, so people cant mess things up by trying to play the movie or rewinding and such. My projector is 550 pixels tall, with the menu bar at the top, this adds another 20 pixels, making the window height on open 570 total. When i turn off the top menu, using:

fscommand(“showmenu”, “false”);

the window still opens at 570, but the movie centers itself with 10 pixels on top and 10 on the bottom. If I resize my movie, to 530 to offset this, it only offsets things at the bottom, so i still see the 10 pixels at the top. I dont want to get into repositioning all the things in my movie. Is there some way i can get around this? Is there away to turn off the controls in the projector part of the movie only?