Signature Critique

Well I’ve made my first real signature. Please tell me what you think and any suggestions you have. Keep in mind that I’m a beginner at Photoshop.

Version 1:


**Version 2:

Hi dak,

I think it looks great I really like the metal texture but the bullet holes are all identical. Also, the screws are a little too big for my taste and I’d lose the emboss on the text.

O yea, try playing around with the lighting effects. I think it would probably make the metal texture look even cooler.

Nice work!

Thanks CanadianGuy. I took your advice and also added some scratches in the metal.

Looking great Dak!
Just need to move those bolts in a little more, and make them smaller!

I like’em. I would go with the top one, but with smaller bolts.
Also footer max size on this planet is 300 x 60 I think.


Well this isn’t for Kirupa, its for my forums on And I updated it with Grinches suggestions. I just replaced version 2 so it doesnt take up too much space.

cool. So you’re not going to put on a footer for us?
What… so cagescape is better than us? Why don’t you love us? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha cagedape is his. I showed Dak to KF, but he still hasn’t gotten that sudden vacuum of obsession :wink:

Heh. I’ll make a sig for here when I’m not so busy getting ready to launch my site :slight_smile:

sorry mate but i dont really like it. its a nice start but just seems… erm… um fat. anyway its a good attempt