Signature question

Can someone tell me the html code to put a .swf in your siggy please?

Nevermind I got it.

Nice sig :hugegrin:

Could share with this newbie to flash?

I don’t have a problem making the sig in flash, just putting it into my profile and making it work.

how do i animate a signature?

You could use an animated .gif or use flash.

and how do i do it in flash - masking? or is there an easier way?

Animation in general? There are loads of tutorials etc on flash animation, I dont know of any in particular though.

you’ve been to this forum and your still asking where animation comes from? =(

no i understand what animation is

I am asking if animating a write-on effect in flash is a laborious masking task (as in say after effects) or a simple push button effect (as in say livetype)