Silly question but I need to know

Now that im trying to learn actionscript, I see that knowing which is the top layer and which is the bottom is important. So, heres my question:

when im inserting new layers they are named layer 1, then layer 2 etc… so the top layer is “not” necessarily the one called “layer 1” but the one that “lays” on top of the other layers?

I’m taking another tutorial and it states to place key frames in the top layer with specific actions and key frames in the bottom layer with specific actions, there are only 2 layers. I just want to be sure before doing contining on this tutorial that I know what is the top and bottom layers.

I hope i was clear, I think i know the answer, but I need to be sure:)

The top layer is the one at the top of the stack of layers. And the bottom layer is the one at the bottom.

[Layer 2] <~Top
[Layer 1] <~Bottom

Think of it like stacking trays. It might help.

Thank you:)

No problemo:)