Silverlight animator and basic video encoding needed

I’m looking for someone who is competent in Silverlight, is creative to a degree, and can handle a simple animation project that also includes encoding a set of videos in Silverlight. The animation would be very simple, three to four animations of shining lights and moving sparks or particles overlayed on photo images. There will be three to four movies as well which will need to be encoded in Silverlight.

I’ve had some horrible experiences with freelancers and outsourcing these past few months and I’m not looking to repeat the same mistakes. This will be under contract with an NDA with a set of clear requirements and a set number of changes along with a delivery date. I’m looking for someone who can show me examples of Silverlight work they have done in the past. This project is not for someone who is planning on downloading the trial of Silverlight and figuring it out(you can guess this has already happened to me with one freelancer). Interested parties please contact me as soon as possible.