Simple actionscript kills timeline animations?


greetings forum members!!!

I have an animation in the timeline… 3 balls move to different places depending on what button is clicked. These three balls are movie clips inside of one master movie clip.

On some slow computers unfortunately the timeline animation struggles and doesn’t complete. To fix that I thought I would make a code so that after the animation should be complete, I move the three balls to where they should end up, just using actionscript.

Unfortunately it seems that after using actionscript to place them, the timeline animations no longer work at all.

I have made a small simple test file to demonstrate my problem. Try taking away the command to move stuff_mc.thing_mc.x to 0… you’ll see that the button click DOES work in that case to trigger the timeline animation… but as it is it does not work.

Is there anyone who could imagine a way out of this troubly situation?

Here is the file :

Thank you!!!