Simple Actionscript problems

Hi there.

This is my first post. I have such a simple problem but it just won’t fix on my own.

I am 15 and OK with flash. My website is

Ok. here is the problem. I have got hold of a free hosted CGI script on and it works great as an email form from HTML/ASP pages with no Ads whatsoever.

The sitution is is I have a flash movie that sends a vote for a song to my email address so I can simply manulay add it to a chart.

Im not sure if you will be bale to help but ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated.

My problem is this, on its own my flash movie works perfectly.
But in frames, when I click on the submit button. It never works and just sits there doing nothing.
Now here is the action script I have been using. I took out my personal ID for security reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

on (press) {
id = “whatever”;
subject = “ - ivote”;
getURL(“”, “”, “POST”);

It probably looks more neater in FLASH MX but I hope you get the gist.

Now a few questions.

(1) Is there anything I can do to the ActionScript.
(2) Do i Need to set up my own CGI SCript cos the free one is useless.

(3) Is there any simple way I can use the vote thing to add info to a database on my free Brinkster server? I can get my flash login movie to send to the login.asp and register.asp with no problems :S


(4) Can i use flash to check for a cookie and if the cookie = nothing, eg = “” then not to play the movie??

As mentioned before any help would be greately appreciated.



Hey Mat,
I have been trying to wouk out something of the same issue- I am about to post a request for help as well- together with the awsome help of all we both may soon have a resolve.
Sorry I was not able to assist.