Simple array and MC control problem


I need to throw together a quick and simple Flashcard like application in flash, to test myself and my sister and aid in study. Problem is I’m not sure how to go about coding it.

Basically the app should work like this.

[INDENT]1 movie clip dominates the screen. It displays frame 1 which allows you to enter your name, and click start.
An array containing numbers 2 through 50+ (depending how many questions I need to make up) is randomized so that you can go through the tests questions, without getting the same order twice. I’d have coded it using a simple randomize function, but I only want the questions to show up once.

Once the array is randomized you are taken to the frame of the MC that lies at the top of the array. You answer the question, click a button and are taken to the next frame in the list, and so on until all the questions have been answered.

Final frame of the MC. Answers are checked, score is given.[/INDENT]

I haven’t really worked with arrays yet, just never really came up before, and now I’m regretting it. I would have gone straight to the tutorials instead of bothering you here, if this problem wasn’t outside any tutorials sphere enough to require not just knowing the basics, but how to use them creatively. Meaning more time learning on my part, and time is precious right now. My other test is approaching :confused:

At any rate, I was hoping you might give me a boost with this app.
All I need is help creating an array that holds information relating to the frame numbers in the MC (numbers which i have no problem entering manually) and can be randomized at the right time, and will allow you to go through the questions (aka MC frames) randomly and once, as you click on next buttons (a previous button is not needed). (Note: Frames 1 to 2 and total_frames - ‘1 to 2’ shouldn’t be randomized with the rest. They’ll hold the enter and exit screens)

Thanks for at least reading this.
I’d appreciate any and all help, code and tips you might provide.