Simple array assignment?

Hello Ive create an array that holds 80 instance names for 80 movieClips.
Dot1, Dot2, Dot3,…Dot80, with the following code…

var Dots = new Array();
Dots[0] = null;
for(i=1; i<=80; i++) {
  Dots* = "Dot" + i;

And its working just fine. I tested it with trace statements.

But now I need to tell each of those instances that onRelease they
should go to _root.Background.gotoAndStop(x);

So I wrote the following code right after creating the array…

for(e=1; e<=80; e++) {
    Dot[e].onRelease = function(){

But its not working, it doesnt even look like it should work, but Im just
learning and cant seem to find how to do it around the net.

Any help with be much appreciated.