Simple blummin tween!

Hey Guys,

I’m new into AS3 and I want a movieclip to go from 100% scale to 10% scale and fade out. It needs to get smaller with it’s holding point in the centre, ie not shrinking to a corner.

Can anyone help? This is doing my head in. I have

function fadeIn(event:MouseEvent):void
    inTween = new Tween(mainContent.showreelMain,"alpha",None.easeNone,1,0,30,false);
    inTween = new Tween(mainContent.showreelMain,"width",None.easeNone,300,10,30,false);
    inTween = new Tween(mainContent.showreelMain,"height",None.easeNone,200,10,30,false);

at the mo.

Alex :sen: