Simple Flash Apps - Create and Sell

Hey everyone!

I am the owner of, we currently sell two items, a flash menu and a flash showcase. BUT, we want to sell more simple flash applications.

So, if you have a simple flash application of impeccable (very very high) quality, we might be interested in buying them from you! Examples: mp3 player, clock / timer, gallery, etc.

We used to create our own products, but we have become engulfed by another project.

So whether you already have a flash application you want to sell, or you want to create one for some money, let me know. Please send me a private message and include the following:
]Examples of previous work
[]1) Whether you already have a flash application for sale, 2) or is you wish to create one.
]If 1) Explain the flash application with a link to it 2) Explain what you would like to create.
[*]Then send away! I’ll get back to you ASAP![/LIST]J.J. :thumb2: