Simple flash navigation prob....?

I am trying to set up a web page where the navigation is in Flash and the content is html… ok, that doesnt sound hard…

…the problem I have is when you select a button from the flash navigation bar and it loads up the new html document (which includes the flash file) it also resets the flash navigation bar again… when what Im after is the button on the naviagtion to remain highlighted…

Im sure there is a work around this (apart from using frames or having a new flash file for each html page)

any ideas?? :crazy:


divide the page into a frame, with the flash navigation in 1 frame, and the content in another. When a button i clicked, direct url to the content target.
search on google for a tut like this. it’s pretty simple :slight_smile:

thanks man… the thing is I really dont want to use frames… so Im kinda after another solution…

I understand you can send variables when you load the flash movie in html and then check for the value of the variable at the start of the flash movie… but Im, not sure how to do this?:*(

okay. so when you embed the flash into html, for example “blahblah.swf”, change it to “blahblah.swf?nav=something”. In the flash, the variable nav will be included into the _root. so just check which “nav” you have in the beginning of the your flash movie, and initiate whichever button that should be highlighted

sorry, didnt see the frames part

thanks mate… will give it a shot :smiley:


Ok… did that, I used this in the html…

<param name=“movie” value=“top.swf?item=two”>

and then this actionscript in the first frame of the Flash movie…

if(item == “one”) { _root.gotoAndStop(“1”); }
else if (item == “two”) { _root.gotoAndStop(“2”); }

…where it’s supposed to go to either flag 1 or 2 in timeline? but it doesnt seem to work? what am I missing here? sorry, Im a bit new to actionscripting:sigh:

well, first of all, the frame numbers shouldn’t be quoted (if they are, it means that you are redirecting it to the frame labels instead of numbers)
and second of all, if the first frame is for detecting which mode it should be in, you shouldn’t redirect it to the first frame again. shift all the frames down 1 frame.

sorry MTsoul, I wasnt very clear… I think I used the wrong term… when I said flag in my previous post, I meant “frame label”… (using too many diferent software packages!!) which is why Ive used quotation marks in the actionscript…

anyway. same diff. read my previous post :slight_smile: :thumb:

YOU ABSOLUTE CHAMP! thanks for your help mate!! works a treat now :beer:

right back at ya =)