Simple Flash PHP XML admin project

Hey guys n girls,

Im workin on a little project for a friend who sells crap on ebay and im designing him a flash template for his store products. So I figuered id go all out and make him an online editor for his items rather than have to edit raw data.

You fellas can take a look at what iv done so far coz I will be askin for your help in just a sec. Check it


Ok so if you have taken a look you will notice you need to enter a username + password well here it is:

Usr = admin
Psw = admin.

Iv made this pile of crap using flash 8 forms, just coz im lazy and Iv never tried them before so i thought wat the hell, once you enter the usr+psw you’ll be directed to the next screen which is where all the menu catergories for his store will be added, edited, saved etc… (remember this is just the backend ouputting the xml, ill have the frontend use the data entered when I get around to it)

So now that Iv explained wats going on, heres wat I need help with.

I use the dataGrid component to populate the xml without any datsets, connectors, schemas n all that crap. The xml is just put into a loop with specific nodes bound to the dataProvider’s items (headers colums wateva their called) and then new items can be added, using the createElement and appendChild method. (Sorry if mentioning this isnt necassary but Ill lay it all out for yas) anways so I can add data to the xml object and sendAndLoad it using PHP but Im stumped on how I would go about deleting and editing existing node values, because

!!! - The nodes are in an array so how do i target a node by selecting it in the datagrid?

For example… If I have the dataGrid editable. How can I make it so the selectedIndex is the node value shown and changes that are made, are made to the xml document, so changes will take effect?

Ill keep googling and try n figure this out myself but if ya can help please do!

Cheers :beer: