Simple get/post from .swf to .jar

so, i have made a little .jar file that creates save files for a game project im working on.
i have it able to write the files how i want them, when im just hard coding var values in the .jar, however i need the .swf user interface to post the values to the .jar to be written.
i have looked on-line and it seems i need to import the javax.servlet.*; class library. however i don’t have the javax package in my library?!?!? or the compiler can’t find it.
im ace when it comes to actionscript but im having a some frustration with the learing curve (ok this is really my 2nd day messing with JAVA).

in short can some one help me figure out how to get post variables to my .jar from my .swf?
any guidance would help as im a complete JAVA noob. is there a way to do this without the javax packages?