Simple Horizontal scrollbar

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create what I thought would be a simple way of displaying images but due to my lack of actionscript experience I’m struggling more than I thought.

Basically I’m trying to create somthing like this: (just click on any of the artists)

I thought this would be straight forward as I could just load the movie clips externally into a scrollPane (I’m not really bothered how the scrollbar looks as it’s quite a retro/lofi design I’m going for) which loads fine but crashes with any kind of preloader I try (both in the main site and the external swfs).

What I would like therefore is some help in creating a really simple scrollbar that works horizontally (with images) so that I can save this as part of the swfs to be loaded externally with a simple preloader combined.

I have tried in vain to adapt the actionscript from the simple custom scrollbar tutorial but as I said I suck at actionscript so it just goes all wierd. In fact if someone could please look at that tut and just flip it that would be soo great.

Thanks guys