Simple Mode

I read through some of the comments posted here, including Sen’s “Removal of normal mode fom actionscript palette in favour of the behaviours palette which takes longer to run through. Expert mode is for AS experts. Behaviours are for AS know nothings. Most of us are inbetween which is what normal mode provided.”

So my question is what is the Behavior palette even for? As noted, Simple Mode was a great in-between scripter (like when I sometimes forgot if the phrase is “roll out” or “mouse out”). I opened the Behavior palette and didn’t even know what to look for. Luckily I’m a lot better at AS and am comfortable in so-called Expert Mode, but the Simple Mode was reassuring. Does anyone with connections at MM know if this might change?

Also, remember v.6’s AS palette? there was that drop down (drop-up?) at the top that was a guide to every script used in the movie. Is that what the lower left-hand panel is supposed to be now?

Well, except for this, and having to Save As everytime to save in v6 (curses!), MX Two Thousand and Four is pretty good. (Oh yeah, that clever name, Two Thousand and Four. I guess in 2005 we’ll have to get Two Thousand and Five?)