Simple Mouse Movement Question

Well, hopefully it’s simple…

Could someone provide a brief tutorial to do the following?
After drawing 5 circles and a box, I’d like to:

  • Be able to mouse click on one of the circles and have it be selected. Then click anywhere on the stage and have the circle move to that point.

  • Be able to select two or more of the circles (both by band selecting or adding circles one by one). Then click anywhere on the stage an they both move there, but keep a correct distance from each other (in otherwords, the circles don’t overlap - they stay side by side

  • Be able to do the above two points, however when the box is in the way, the circles go around the box. I realize this may be the hardest part, so I’d at least like them to stop in front of the box and stop moving.

Any help is appreciated. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials about how to move game characters with the arrow keys, but I couldn’t find tutorials w/movement the way I wanted with the mouse. Basically, like a RTS game.

Thank you.