Simple Movie Clip Alignment Problem

Hello to all.

I have a movie that has multiple layers and is published at 100%, no scale.

Within that movie I have all movie assets/clips centered, but one. I am trying to load the final clip to the upper right corner so upon brower resize, it will always be in the upper right corner.

From my understanding I create the clip, do not drag it to stage, instead export it for AS in the library and attach the following code to it:

cornerBox_mc.onResize = function() {
        var bounds = this.getBounds(this._parent);
        var yoffset = this._y-bounds.yMax;
        this._y = Stage.height+yoffset;
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
Stage.align = "TR";

I’ve pieced this together from 3 examples…needless to say it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Thank you.