Simple Movie Load Question

Ok, this should be easy to do. So i hope i dont have trouble with it like the rest of the things im trying.

All i want to do is load a swf movie on my main movie. I dont want to use any button presses. When the main movie loads up. It should load the other movie into a certain spot.

Where do i put the action script for this ? on what frame / layer ? Also what is the actual script command i need to use to load it. The file will be in same directory, its going to be a small news flasher that has to be on its own minimovie to look right.

Any help on this would be appreciated… Thx:)

Something along the lines of…

_root.createEmptyMovieClip("loaderClip", 1);
loadMovie("yourFile.swf", "loaderClip");
loaderClip._x = 0;
loaderClip._y = 0;

I think that is how it goes…haha.

Oh yeah, just put that on the frame you would like your movie to load on.

Thanks man. It worked

Only thing i need to figure out now is how to make it reload when someone opens up new movie it goes away for some reason.

anyone ? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you load another clip on the same level (the 1 in the createEmptyMovieClip), then the new object will replace the old object.

This might be the problem.