Simple Navigation Problem - PLEASE HELP!


Can somebody please help me to solve my navigation problem. I have tried for days to solve the problem but no success. I know the nav can be developed in a simpler way but this is the way i have developed it, using tweening and actionscripting.

Please view the attachment.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!


Stupid me!!!

I forgot to tell you what the problem is. I am trying to develop navigation like the website. The Nav seems to work ok apart form one bug. When i click on the ‘Fruit Salad’ button and then i goto click on the ‘Sweet Shop’ button, i have to click twice before the sub-menu for the Sweet Shop displays itself. Every other button clicking combination works apart from the Fruit Salad to Sweet Shop. Please download it and try it.

it’s an branching menu done all in actionscript… probably uses xml to supply to menu info.

Thank you angiers for you help. Only problem is that using xml actionscripting is out of my league. I would like to solve the navigation using tweening and basic actionscripting. The nav nearly works just one bug left.

If somebody can download my file (in the first post) and have a look i would be very greatful.

Thanks in advance.