Simple noob question about methods

Hi all,

I am really needing some help with packages. It’s just driving me nuts. I searched everywhere but i simple just get the same error message over and over: 1180 - call to a possibly undefined object.

Here’s the code (I just extracted the most important things of the code…):

===== file path: teste1.fla

import scripts.objetos;

var obj_array:Array = new Array();

var obj:Sprite=new Sprite();‘testname’;
obj_array.push(new criaObjeto(, obj.z));

===== file path: scripts/

package {

public class criaObjeto{

    private var name:String;
    private var sortz:Number;

public function criaObjeto(nome:String, sortz:Number) {
    this.nome = nome;
    this.sortz = sortz;

public function getZ():Number {
    return sortz;

public function toString():String {
    return " " + name + ":" + sortz;


I am using this code to sstore the z position and the child name of each obj.

Thanks for any help!