Simple problem (4u) in timeline using clip events!


 I got 3 movieclips (A, B and C) in the scenario on image 1.
 Each movie clip has its own action to make it appear and slide smoothly to its final position.
 (no action on images but on MCs)
for MC [color=Navy][color=DarkGreen]***A***[/color] [/color]i have this code :
[color=DarkGreen]onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
     	destxfond[/color][color=DarkGreen]***A*** = 359.1;
     	distpy[/color][color=DarkGreen]***A*** = destxfond[/color][color=DarkGreen]***A***-this._x;
     	this._x += distpy[/color][color=DarkGreen]***A****(0.1);
     	this._alpha += 3.5;
 [u]My problem :

If i add anything in the timeline @image2 (having put all MCs and their respective action @image1)…then the whole animation duznt work anymore (duznt start)…

 Any idea ? Thanks for helping me on this (simple) one !