Simple question about email form

So i followed the tutorial here:
and it works great. the one problem i have is when i want to put everything into a movie clip symbol. i cut all the frames, create a new symbol, and paste them in there so on the main timeline i have one frame with everything inside the symbol. The problem is, when i click “send” the email sends properly, but i cannot for the life of me get it to go to the second frame in the symbol where it says “thanks for the message”. it just hangs on the first frame even after its sent.
heres what i mean:
attached is the file im working on. after you click send it doesnt go to the next frame to say “thanks for the comment”, even though i recieve the email
fyi, the reason i want it in a symbol is so i can have a fade transition for my site. im sure its a simple answer, but ive spent all night trying to do this and it wont work. attached is my file