Simple question - installing help in Flash if I haven't

I have installed Flash Adobe CS3 and when I press the key F1 the help appears but it tells me that I don’t have installed into my Adobe Flash CS3 software.

How can I achieve that? It is difficult for me without having the internal help of Flash installed in my Flash software.

Please somebody guide me in which folder I must place it (the help of flash so that it works when I press F1 to search something in help ). I don’t have installed the internal help of Flash in my software.

Here lies my installed Flash:

Please need help of the internal folder of flash help and where to place it (in which folder ) so that I can acces the internal help of flash through my software Adobe Flash CS3.

Sry to disturb you with this silly question but I need to solve that so that I can access easily the internal help of Flash!

Make an archive and post it to and tell me pls where I must put the archive that contains the internal help for Flash when I press the key F1 to search in the help of Flash and to see the topics.

Thanks for your time and patience in reading this!