Simple question... maybe

ok so i have a PHP file with variables that are paths to image files…
(example: pic1=photos/001.jpg&pic2=photos/002.jpg… ect…)

im trying to load the pics into Loader components within a movie clip… which works great with the LoadVars method… but i have to code each one like

loader1.contentPath = myVars.pic1
loader2.contentPath = myVars.pic2

and so on…

what i am trying to do is, create new instances of the Loader component dynamically based on the total count of the pics to be loaded… so i can run a While statement to create new Loader instances for each photo that is provided in the text file.

MAIN QUESTION IS: how do i create a new instance of the Loader component on runtime?

i’ve tried to accomplish this using this code:

var load2:Loader = new Loader();

but it won’t work for me… any help would be GREAT!