Simple Script Request (MX)

Can somebody give me the actionscript to make 0 escalate up to 2003. This is very similar to how a preloader escalates, except it isn’t a preloader and it goes up to 2003. I know nothing about actionscript, so if you could, please tell me where to change the speed and the X & Y location of the numbers

uhh, that’s pretty vague.

to make a variable go from 0 to 2003:

[AS]for(i=0; i<2004; i++){
yearnum = i

or per frame:

[AS]onEnterFrame = function(){
yearnum += 1;

Make a movie clip with a dynamic text box that pulls “yearnum” - lets say you name it “myMovie”.

To change the x and y position of the clip:

[AS]myMovie._x = whatyouwant;
myMovie._y = whatyouwant;[/AS]