Simple Scrolling Marquee

I wuz in vacation and forgot how to create a simple marquee in flash 5…NE 1 care to give me a quick instruction…I know dis issue has beated to death, but…I need the info…Thanks for any succor…Extreme V

what’s a scrolling marquee?

Eyezberg, I mean a marquee…when text continuously loops from right to left…I want to marquee at least fifty words, so if you can give me sum simple instructionz on how to easily do dat, that would be a high-five Eyezberg …Extreme V

Sorry, still don’t know what a marquee is (not mothertongue-english…), but if what you mean is like what’s top middle on , i can help you (it’s to texts loaded into the swf from a simple txt file)?..

marquee is html <marquee> if html is one this should be scrolling </marquee> (sorry dont know how to do it in flash)

(this is VTS31)- You can convert a line of text into a symbol. then use motion tween so that it scroll sfrom one side to the next. or you can make the symbol a movie clip that has inside dynamic text wich loads text from an external source. you dont really need any AS just old fashioned tweening.


or try this……ndex.shtml

Old fashioned tweening to make a marquee is decent when you want to scroll less then ten words of text, because if you try to scroll more than ten words, you wouldn’t have enough room outside of the stage, where the tweening would have to start, unless u wrap the text, but then it wouldn’t work correctly and smoothly…

Eyezberg, what you have on tha top of ur site is a marquee…how can I accomplish that end in Flash 5?..I took notes from vts31, but didn’t really understand the end of tha instruction, about making the text dynamic and everything…

Thanx every1…and please reply if u hold any more 411 on this issue…ExtremeVisionz

ok, so i learned a new word :slight_smile:
as for the one on my site, it’s a tweened text field with a mask, and the content, as i said, is loaded from a txt file (easy update…). I’ll try with a longer text, 50 words you said? and let you know/ upload the result and/or fla.

Eyezberg, I found the solution on…he has a marquee fla. to download…but moock calls it a text ticker…In any event, there’s tha answer…however, if you uncovered another, more efficient and easier way to do this, please post…and thanx Eyeberg…