Simple Server-Side Video Encoding Solution?

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a simple solution for a server-side video encoder where a user would be convert videos from any format to FLV upon uploading them to a website.

I see that FFMPEG is the standard for this type of thing, but that looks very complex and I am not sure I could deploy it without alot of coding work. I found this other script called NCODE which does much of the coding, but it looks to simple and I am not sure it works as well.

So my question is do you have any recommendations for any open source (or commercial, if necessary) scripts that could help me accomplish this? I have seen some of them but I just want to find a really good one that would work for my site.

Also, would I be able to use this type of script on a shared hosting account or would I need a dedicated server? Also, any other general caveats I should be aware of when using this type of script or uploading videos to a website?

Thanks for your help!!