Simple shape tweening

Is that a way to create a simple card opening like the jpg i attach?
i know can make a card opens horizontally but how to do vertically?(With angle) Ah, that should be a photo on top of the card. Hope u all understand what i mean.

u can do sumpin like a frame by frame animation.

There is a tut on it here in this site =)

There’s no way to do this simply, as it won’t be a proper shape tween (they work only with vectors). Actually, the hard part there is to get the perspective you want, as there’s no simple way to emulate the free transform tool.

But you can check Ericlin’s skew function, it might help you:

are you saying Swift3D? Actually i don wanna do it in S3D coz I
wan the card to be flipped upwards which i can edit easily(i mean
add photo on it)I tried using skew and transform but i cant get the right angle…any comments?Is that a script to do so?

I’m just saying that it’s almost impossible to get the perspective you want. It HAS been done, but you’d have to cut your pic into small slices, and resize each one of them to get your effect. Painful :-\

If there’s an easier way, I’d be glad to hear it :slight_smile: