Simple soccer game

i was wondering if any1 has done or has seen any simple flash soccer game…i’d be glad if some1 could share the fla…
hmm,the concept i hav is simple - ok,here’s the picture -
a player standing in front of a pitch…then there’s a bar located at the side of the screen (the bar is there for aiming purposes) with a ball randomly moving…when a user clicks on the mouse…where the ball stops,that’s the direction of the ball the player will kick…hmm,hope u ppl understand wat i said :stuck_out_tongue:

There are multiple ways you could do this in Flash… But you will have to specify your needs a little bit clearer for someone to help you…

For one… it looks like you are asking for us to make you the aim and kick feature… have you tried this yet yourself? If you have… let’s see the .fla… If not… Then start cracking and get us an example.

Also… if you wanna draw up some images to explain what you mean… That might help as well. :smiley: