Simple trouble with array

Howdy all - been away for awhile (the joys of the real job) but now back to it with a question that I think may be related to my simple array.

I have several symbols in an array. I have several buttons on the page. When I roll over the button I want all the symbols to be invisible and then I want to make one symbol visible (array._visible = 0; symbol1._visible = 1). I put this same code on every button but, obviously, changing the one symbol to be visible to correspond to that button.

So here is my problem - it works great for some buttons, but not for others. Seems like there are a few that, once I roll over them, the symbol stays no matter which button is next hit. Is there some kind of obvious thing I am overlooking? :sure:

Thanks for any help!

here’s what you can do:

for each button, have an action that sets a common (one) variable that corresponds uniquely to each button (an ID, if you will). Then onRollOver, set that common var to the rolled-over button’s ID and at the same time check to see if the common var matches its own ID, if not, fade or whatever.

do you get it?

uh, not totally. But thanks for responding so quickly! Maybe you could elaborate a little or give an example?

Thanks . . .

um, ok…here’s some pseudo code:

on (rollOver) {
_root.rolledoverbutton = this;
if (_root.rolledoverbutton != this) {
this._visible = false;
on (rollOut) {
this._visible = true;

Something to that nature. You follow?

Hey thanks! I have a question though. How would I make a particular movie clip become visible when the button is rolled over? And at the same time make all the other movie clips become NOT visible?

Could I say:

on (rollOver) {
_root.rolledoverbutton1 = this;
if (_root.rolledoverbutton1 != this) {
MC1._visible = true;
[array of other MCs]._visible = false;

Thanks again for any help!