Simple Tween Script?

Hi, as usual i’ve gone way overboard. I simply need 8 menu buttons to slide into view, one after the other, and align at the side. I’ve scripted it and it works, but the script is huge for what it acheives. Kind of wish i’d just tweened the ■■■■ thing on the timeline.

Are there any simple scripts out there that I can learn the error of my ways from?

How bout positng your code and let us try to make it better =)

You might want to try using the Laco tweens
then you’d just have to do something like this:

buttons.slideTo(x coordinate, y coordinate, number of seconds it should take)

I resisted using Laco tweens when I was just learning flash because for some reason I thought it would be harder. Little did I know it makes AS friggin easy.

Lacos tweens is the way to go my friend.