Simple xml menu

hi all,
i’m new to xml and am trying to build a simple xml menu for my site.

here is what i want it to look like.

the problem is, how can i get it too look like that from an xml file like this?

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<menu name="full">
    <title name="HOME" />
    <section name="INTRODUCTION">
        <item name="INTRO 1" />
        <item name="INTRO 2" />
        <item name="INTRO 3" />
    <section name="ABOUT">
        <item name="ABOUT 1" />
        <item name="ABOUT 2" />
        <item name="ABOUT 3" />
    <section name="WORK">
        <item name="WORK 1" />
        <item name="WORK 2" />
        <item name="WORK 3" />
    <section name="CONTACT">
        <item name="CONTACT 1" />
        <item name="CONTACT 2" />
        <item name="CONTACT 3" />

How can I get "item"s to display right after each “section”?

i.e., how can I trace all of the names of the entire XML?

And also, how can I set the X coordinates of the links according to what I have in the image (items would be more to the right, and section titles would be a little bit less to the right)?

Thanks again.