i always use cd’s for my projects and if theres lets say a flash mov. involved like lets say a site then ill add the autorun within the cd to basically auto run right, i was wondering, when a cd is popped in(burning type cd)is there a way that i can change the numbers that come up to my own txt. (under the cd drive) maybe in the same manner like adding the auto run??

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Can you try to explain that a little more in depth?

Yes there is, depends on the software you use, all you need to do is NAME your cd!

yes um, i use the ‘easy cd creator’ that came with my computer when i bought it. um any suggestions as far as what program has that feature, and if not is there any way around it

I believe both Easy cd and Nero have that, it’s basically just entering a name for the new compilation/ cd/ whatever it’s called?! Or do you mean something else?