Simplebutton and TextInput components vs me


I´ve got 2 textInput boxes (username and password) and a simplebutton named login as a setup. Basically, what I want to do is to capture the text the user will type in and pass that along to a public function. But for some reason I don´t seem to be able to get the data the user types in…

… help me out please. This sucks :slight_smile:

// loading class
var myLogin:loginRoutine = new loginRoutine();

this.login_mc.btn_login.toggle = true;

// listener approach
var loginListener:Object = new Object(); = function(eventObj:Object) {
	var usrName:String = THIS IS WHAT I DON`T GET
          var usrPwd:String = ???
         // calling class method

this.login_mc.btn_login.addEventListener("click", loginListener);

Thanks heaps folks. You always help me out, and I really appreciate it.