Simulating a targeting system in Flash using actionscript


I am working on a simulation for a project I am working on. We will be building the actual targeting system, but I would like to develop a working simulation if possible.

This is basically what it is:

We will have a 30’x30’ room, with three sensors that are placed in the three corners of the room, not including the entrance.

The idea is that someone enters the room, and at a constant frequency, the three sensors pulse out at the same time, and calculate their distance to the object. Using that information, we find out the (x,y) coordinate of the intruder.

Based on the (x,y) coordinate of the intruder, based on which of three they are inside, a different warning light flashes, and/or an audible warning. The object of most protection is in the middle of the room.

Is this something I could simulate in Flash?

It seems to me it would be a combination of collission detection (the beam hitting the intruder) and calculating the distance the beam had to travel.

I am basically asking if this sounds right, if I am in over my head, or this would be something that could be done.

Also, how would I go about simulating the intruder, which would just be a randomly moving object. Any advice woul be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.