Since the server is down

I can’t get any work done! Killed some time by making this:

All done with Photoshop 5 and my trusty mouse.

oh wow, not bad at all, nice coffee canister. Your server should go down more often. =)

■■■■, before I read your caption I thought it was 3ds max, then I’m like, “since when was rengirl a 3ds maxer” so I read the whole post like I should have!

Good Job!

I like the detail on where the top screws on and the texture is great! :cowboy:

Me? 3DS Maxer? I don’t see that happening anytime soon C:-)

The server… err, well the network… is down here at work. All my work files are stored there and I’m not allowed to touch it until the Big Brother IT guys ™ are done with whatever it is that they’re doing…

the pic looks good=)

that is unbelieveable photoshop work…cool…I thought it was max or swift

Too good Ren… too good.

Wow, this is awesome…

looks like real…