Site check: macho screen size needed

i thought i’d recently just completed this site: - but i had a person viewing the site with a large 1366×768 screen tell me the drop down menu was misbehaving.

unfortunately, i’ve only got access to 1024 screens and smaller… :frowning:

i’m hoping one of you CSS dudes/dudettes with a more macho size screen than me could take a look and tell me if my menu dropdown is misbaving? the report i got siad the “service” button was just floating out in space, by itself on the left hand side of the page… i hope not, as i’m not sure how to fix something i cant see…:crying:

FYI, the site is pretty much all divs and CSS. the menu is a list, wiht a bit of javascript. however, the drop down part of the menu functions with javascript turned off.

ANY help or input is appreciated!