Site check please

What do you think? Its the second version of my website, since I accedentally deleted all of the .fla files from my old portfolio site :trout: . Its about 90% done template wise, and I’m just starting on the coding and content part. Does the preloader in the beginning work ok (it proabably needs 56k to get any use out of it since the site filesize so far is 200k)? I plan on making it completely dynamic with a php/mysql backend. So far this is my third full site that I have done in flash. Thank you in advance for any advice that you can offer. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit monochromatic. How about adding some colors?

Also what will you use as the menu once a section is clicked from the main sections page?


I was thinking something like the stuff that is in the top right corner of the windows os “windows” to return to the main screen, or maybe a big “return to home” button for ease of navigation. The content, such as website screenshots etc…, will be in color. I think it makes a nice little contrast.