Site check - student project

I’m attempting my first time at creating a flash site (yes, believe it a not )
Trait and Trace

It is on heredity and the purpose is to eventually pre-determine genetics characteristics at the end of it.

I have to put in a report for it, so pls, fill in the questionaire on the refresh page of the index. Or drop your comments here.

I’m also having problem in creating a test for the section “multiple allele”. After the drag item is placed on the target area, I want to refresh the test, and I can’t seem to get the dragged items to return to their original position. What I’ve managed so far is using tellTarget to return the movie clips to its original postion and then duplicating the movie clips to be used on the subsequent tests. The tests are arranged in a frame after each other. The problem to this solution is that sometimes the tellTarget isn’t working on some dragged movie clips. Any solutions?

Thanks a lot for any help.

good job, and if you wouldn’t mind could you send me the .fla for that menu? I like to look at other flashers actionscript, it inspires me and I have seen almost the exact same thing and I want to impliment something like that on my tutorial site!

And on your question on the test, I made a simple tutorial on a quiz that takes score and can be customized by just editing the .as file. I will also look into your targer problem! If you want to see what i mean by a ‘simple looking’ test here:

<a href=>Quiz_v2</a>

The original .fla file for the menu is available at Ultrashock. It’s the 3D Spiral Menu by Andries Odendaal from Wireframe.

Thanks for the help, Dan.

I got over the first wave of putting my site up, and my itchy hands start kicking in to repair some of the ugliness.
So version 1.2 is in. Please comment.

it looks really nice… I always loved the “Nervous” site which is where that effect was showcased for the first time. Good usage of it btw.

theres a glitche on one of ur pages… the ‘types of traits’ page… when u drag the right two small t’s they revert to the origin before moving… and cannot be moved to the right.

wait… now that i look… on the right side THEY ALL do that… every page u have i think.