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Hi all. I’m kinda new to these boards, but not to HTML or Flash. I’d like any questions/opinions on my site please…



Hey GD,
I think the Flash trailer is quite nifty. One of your images didn’t work (Trebuchet I believe)! Besides that, I think the site has a nice out of space look :slight_smile:


It’s very impressive… I love the whole black background thing you got going on, and pics of teen girls in cheerleading outfits don’t hurt. :slight_smile:

LOL, just so you know, most of them are my friends. We all go to the same high school, and I run that site to post pictures for everyone from the High School to see. The cheerleading ones just seem to draw more hits, and since I’m friends with the cheerleaders, they don’t seem to really care.

Glad you liked it…thanks for the compliments.


So ask them already when they’ll have the nudes up… I’ll be back then :slight_smile:

haha :slight_smile:

yeah… I’m a bad boy… I admit it.
<~~Just look at my personal pic.