Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this -

I just wanted to see if anyone has problems opening this site
I have only 2 links working but any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

Seems to work for me. Nice site by the way :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Hi there!

  • Clean intro for the site =)
  • Nice use of colors.
  • 2 links work fine for me :smirk:
  • For the Creative Media popup, the constant fades take away from your content i am distracted by it, maybe you could just fade from black traces to actual photo rather than in and out. :!:
  • some of the sound F/X are a bit much, they are like a fighting video game.

That is it from me, hope i wasn’t too kritikal! :x

First of all; nice site.
I would suggest to be more carefull with sound fx
if there’s not used properly it can pull down the design of your site


I really appreciate all the responses and suggestions.
I have to agree with the sound but the client insists and wants them there.
One of my concerns was mentioned about the fades being to much of a distraction.
Thanks again! Alot of what i do would not be possible without help from this forum and all your comments!

[size=1]i like it a lot and also agree with the sound fx comments.

Since they insist on keeping them, you can always tone em down
with the gain control. Just a suggestion…